The need for Fault Tolerance

Leyendo durante estos días información sobre SOA, encontré un artículo interesante acerca de la necesidad de dotar a los sistemas de un grado aceptable de "tolerancia a fallos".

Aquí va...

We live in crazy times. The market rules, which means you won’t usually have enough time to create well-elaborated, robust system designs. If you’re not fast enough, flexible enough, and cheap enough, you’ll soon find yourself out of the market. Thus, you need fast, flexible, and cheap solutions.

Fast and cheap solutions, however, can’t be well designed and robust. Consequently, you will have to deal with errors and problems. The important point here is fault tolerance.

The most important thing is that your systems run. According to [ITSecCity02]:
• a flightbooking system failure may cost $100,000 an hour.
• a credit card system breakdown may cost $300,000 an hour
• and a stock-trading malfunction may cost $8 million an hour.

As these figures show, fault tolerance is key for large distributed systems. When problems occur, it is important to minimize their effects and consequences.

A petición de JC (alias Carrasco), este artículo ha sido extraido del libro "OReilly - SOA in Practice".

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